Osteopathy is whole body therapy which first identifies the issue and exact cause of it then proceeds to correct it through manual and exercise therapy. This ensures that problems can be solved at the root and do not return.

Perrin Technique

Perrin Technique approaches the treatment of ME, Fibromyalgia and post viral fatigue from a neuro-lymphatic standpoint. This understands these conditions as a breakdown of the connecting systems of the body and aiming to restore them.

This is supported by over 25 years of research and treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage can be very useful after surgery or in the case of some medical conditions. This will be delivered through an osteopathic appointment.

Osteopathy & Perrin Technique

Still not sure if osteopathy is for you?

Osteopathy is much more than just treating the back, learn more about conditions and how they can be treated here or get in touch and ask.